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Friday, April 12, 2024 at 8:21 AM

Frequently Asked Questions

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One of the first steps to start your own webpage is to choose and register a domain name. Remember that by registering a domain you become its subscriber, not the owner - you acquire the right to use the domain as long as your domain fee is paid.

Remember that 4media.com doesn’t work as a domain registrar.

No - 4media.com does not offer domain registration services for its clients.
Our client is a person who registers and then pays fee for the chosen domain periodically - for himself or for his company in order to acquire the formal right to manage the domain.

No, 4media.com doesn’t provide e-mail hosting services for our clients.

Our software works on AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud web hosting solution that is monitored 27/7 by our developers.

For those of our clients who are interested in the migration issue, we conduct an analysis verifying the possibilities of migrating the content of the database of their current webpage. All we need to know is information about which elements of the current database our client would like to transfer to our hosting (articles, photo / video galleries, a list of classified ads, business directory etc.) and access to the current database.
After conducting the analysis, our programmer indicates which data can be transferred and gives us the estimated time of his work

By choosing our software, you sign a News Portal Limited License Agreement (“Agreement”) with us - this means that 4media.com is the Licensor (the owner) who under the contract gives you the authorization (a license) to use the software. So during the term of the Agreement you are the Licensee of our software. The Agreement can be terminated at any time by both parties, though it comes to an end on the expiry of the period of notice.

The client concluding the News Portal Limited License Agreement with 4media.com is still the owner of all his content which he publishes with the use of our software.